Why Us?

At Bothell Import Service Inc. we take our passion for cars and trucks very seriously. Coupled with an industry experience of over a decade, our technicians have the skill to promptly analyze and suggest the best steps that have to be taken, along with proper estimates about the work that has to be done. We establish personal relationships with our customers.
Our customers can speak directly with the technicians if they wish. Our invoicing program is the best in the industry. Our invoicing program easily breaks down the parts and labor in an easy to read format, unlike many others that are primitive and try to confuse the customer to the point of not questioning it or the service rendered.
We use genuine and original parts. We service all the common American cars and trucks. We specialize in Japanese and European auto service and electrical diagnostics, timing belts, water pumps, brakes - both standard and custom. We have well experienced technicians, and offer prompt and superb service.
Timing Belt - Bothell Import ServiceOur customers love the personal attention and the quality service that we provide everytime. Bothell Import Service Inc. has earned a reputation of delivering quality service for the cars and trucks that come to us for a servicing or tune-up, scheduled maintanence, timing belts, water pumps, engine rebuilds and replacements, transmission rebuilds and replacements, all fluid services. We are best known for our NO PRESSURE, FULL EXPLANATION of repairs - ie.TRUST. We also use factory parts and fluids as oposed to aftermarket when available. We use the latest of computerized diagnostic equipment, and all original auto parts. Our warranty on alternators and starters are THE BEST in the industry-lifetime.timing belt - Bothell Auto Service
We also have a 100% "no business complaint" with any courts or the BBB. Not many shops can say that. We are different because of our unique way of analysing and proposing estimates to our customers by breaking down jobs in itemized, prioritised, indivdual jobs so they can pick and choose what services they want or need as oposed to pressuring for a "all at once" job. They often come back to get the rest of their list completed if they cant do all the suggested work at once.